The company LGM Digital provides consulting services and technical assistance in the following key business areas:
- Training and technical documentation
- Network and telecom professions

The Strategy

LGM Digital’s strategy aims at providing its customers with a strong expertise in his areas of expertise, by developing leadership in niche business sectors through a policy of proactive innovation.

An industrial, technical and organizational value chain is created by an innovative combination of these niche sectors, allowing LGM to position itself in markets concerned with delegated project management. This comprehensive approach is particularly necessary in the field of high-technologies, given the rapid evolution of techniques and methods involved.

Thanks to this strategic placement, LGM engineers and technicians are able to provide the most advanced methods and technologies in all the projects entrusted to them.


Build an International presence to support our clients
Assert our position of project manager for technologies and services through:
- Our catalog of solutions based on high-technology blocks
- Innovative solutions meeting our clients’ particular issues
- Our R&D investment & partnership policy
Provide productivity gains to our customers
Be a company reputed for its responsible conduct, its integrity and its human resources policy valuing individuals and their potential
Maintain our level of excellence and quality.

Certification DEKRA

Since 2018, the LGM group has been certified to ISO 9001-2015 for its business activities.

LGM's commitment to quality which is a powerful force driving the company's competencies was motivated by the constant desire to improve our performance and the quality of our services.

Today, the ISO 9001 certification, renewed annually since 2003, reinforces our relationship of trust with our clients and partners by assuring them of our commitment to quality.It is also a passport to new national and international markets.Finally, it is a sign of our commitment to continuous and shared progress.

The implementation of a quality management system is above all a management tool for improving the organization and performance of the company.

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