NMJ Services becomes LGM Digital
Incorporated in 2000, NMJ Services has been part of the LGM Group since March 2012. NMJ Services has changed its name to LGM Digital in response to the technological development of its two separate business offers: Technical Information Engineering & Training, and Networks & Telecom. This identity change is part of the process to align and integrate LGM Digital's R&D and innovation businesses into those of the rest of the LGM Group. The new corporate name will be effective on 1 December.
As such, the LGM Group (turnover of €95m in 2017) underlines its position as an international group which provides innovative solutions for the management and engineering of major projects by integrating components from each of its subsidiaries. The name LGM Digital reinforces image consistency with the other LGM and LGM Engineering entities. The group is also fully committed to the current and future success of major global high-tech projects incorporating all of the group's expertise throughout the life cycle of its customer’s systems. "All employees are now working under the same banner, which is a real source of pride for our teams. More united and effective than ever, they will continue to serve all of our customers, regardless of their industry and business, with the goal of increasing reliability, competitiveness, and innovation", said Frank Weiser, Chairman of LGM Digital and Chairman and Co-founder of the LGM Group.
LGM Digital positions the LGM Group as a major stakeholder in the development of innovative business offers in information and telecommunications technologies.
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